Bayou Mosaic |2016 - 2023|

The bayou for me is a place of zen. Being able to glide in a kayak amongst these ancient trees is something truly special. I have been photographing these cypress trees since 2016. With this extensive cypress tree portfolio, which has taken years to put together, I consider these images in this gallery some of my best imagery. I have a deep connection and bond with this eerie, yet hauntingly beautiful landscape. The swamp is creepy, mysterious, but holds a deep sense of mystery to me. The swamp is a place where one can immerse themselves in nature and disconnect from their own reality. The stillness of a cool autumn morning, with the whispering morning mist, takes mind and body into another dimension reality. Each cypress tree has its own unique design, its own personal story, its own look and feel. Each year the swamps take on a new look, weathering each storm, still standing to tell another story. I have yet to experience another landscape like this.