🇨🇴 Colombia 🇨🇴

Colombia….where to begin? I made my first visit to Colombia in 2022 and that visit was incredible! It was humbling in so many ways. Not only was it emotionally humbling, but as a photographer seeing a completely new landscape was also humbling, exciting and refreshing. My first visit was so amazing I decided to make another trip back to this amazing country in 2023.

The images in this gallery were made in various locations in Colombia, including Cerros de Mavicure in the Amazon Rainforest near the Venezuelan border, and Chingaza National Park, which is a part of the Eastern Andes. These areas are rich in culture with unique landscapes. Colombia is listed as one of the worlds megadiverse countries, with close to 10% of the planet's biodiversity.

On my first visit I spent some time at Ceros de Mavicure. Mavicure is located in the eastern part of Colombia in the Amazon Rainforest, near the Venezuelan border. Mavicure is three towering mountains that shoot out of the rainforest along the Inírida River, with the highest peak being over 2300 feet. Such a fascinating landscape with dense rainforest surrounding the mountains. The area is considered to be sacred by multiple ethnic groups that reside in the area.

Chingaza National Park by far is one of the most fascinating landscapes that I have photographed. The páramo ecosystem is native to the Andean mountains of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. Páramo are a variety of alpine tundra ecosystems located in the Andes. These páramos consists of forests, lagoons, creeks and rivers. The majority of these páramo ecosystems rest in the Colombian Andes. The areas that I spent my time photographing was the grass páramo and sub páramo, which the elevation varies in these areas from 9,800ft - 13,500ft. The sub páramo is the lowest and most diverse zone with many species of flora and fauna.