The Eastern Sierra

The winter of 2011 was my first visit to the Eastern Sierra. I was completely blown away by the landscape. The majestic skyline of the mountain range was rugged, with snow covered peaks. The unique granite peaks look like ancient temples rising from the earth. The mountains felt so big to me, and just reminded me just how small and insignificant to the landscape I was. The Eastern Sierra has so much to offer with its diverse landscape. There are countless alpine lakes, numerous aspens groves, various species of trees and other vegetation types. Each season in the Eastern Sierra has a different look and feel, yet still having its special beauty with incredible mountain backdrops.

Going back to my first visit to the Eastern Sierra, I didn't make very many images on that visit, in fact, I din't have one decent image from that trip. I quickly learned that making images from the Eastern Sierra, images that I could connect with, would take some time. Over the years I have matured as a photographer, and the images in this gallery, are countless visits to the Eastern Sierra, with numerous failed attempts due to weather, poor planning on my part, or just failures in the field with compositions. After all my travels to the Sierra, I have yet to even scratch the surface of what this amazing area has to offer.