Death Valley National Park

December 6, 2009....I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was my first visit to Death Valley National Park. I was in the infant stages of my photography journey....young and inexperienced. Quite frankly, I had no idea what I was doing, but for whatever reason, I still felt compelled to venture out into the middle of who knows where to try and capture a "moment". You see, at that time, I did not fully understand the image making process. I didn't comprehend personal expression with my imagery, or how to "see" and capture the landscape. The landscape speaks in many visual languages. It was a language I could not translate with my camera in 2009. This is still a process that I continue to evolve with each time I turn on my camera.

Here it is, 2023, with uncountable visits, and thousands of various images made from this diverse desert landscape over the years, this is a portrait of my journey throughout Death Valley National Park over the years. The imagery presented in this gallery is diverse, just like the landscape here. I feel this is not a completed "gallery" as there are still many areas that I have not visited throughout the park, and many scenes, that at some point I would like to capture with unique conditions. This keeps the pursuit for interesting imagery fresh for myself.