One of the rewarding aspects over the years with my photography, is being able to share my knowledge and experiences with other people through teaching and instruction. I have been fortunate to watch many of my students grow with their imagery, from my one on one and private instruction. Seeing that evolution from my students, has been inspiring and meaningful to me. This has encouraged me to want to pursue instruction even more.

If you’re highly motivated to learn, interested in evolving your vision, improving composition, refining your post processing and getting a better understanding of light and how it shapes the landscape/subjects, please consider joining myself on one of my private tours or post processing sessions.

The cost of private instruction/tour is $750.00 per day. Any locations outside of the Las Vegas, Nevada area, I require a two day booking minimum. A day of instruction will consist of sunrise/sunset shoot. After photographing sunrise, we will take a short break, soon thereafter, we will focus on post processing and image review/critique. We will take another break, then we will prepare for a sunset shoot to finish out the day.

Private Tour Locations

Death Valley National Park California - Spring 2024

Bisti Wilderness New Mexico - Spring 2024

Badlands (aerial) Drone Utah or Arizona - Spring 2024

Bayous of the South, Southern USA - Fall 2024

Please contact me for tour customization, other locations, and dates/availability.

* I will also be co-leading an autumn workshop in Japan in October 2024 with the talented Mark Davis and Sho Hoshino. For more information on this particular workshop, please visit the Autumn in Japan page.

Post Processing

Over the years I have concentrated and have dedicated years, days, and countless hours of time towards a refined, consistent, and methodical workflow, that works with my imagery accordingly. With this workflow, it takes a strong emphasis on mid tone contrast, color separation, and eliminating unwanted color casts. These are the key components to my current workflow.

The cost of my post processing class is $175.00 for a 2 hour session. These sessions are taught via Skype or Zoom, and are available to be recorded as well. Please contact me for dates and availability.