Forests and Trees

When I first got into landscape photography, I had an immediate interest in forest scenes. Seeing incredible forest images from photographers like Art Wolfe, Tim Fitzharris, and Charles Cramer inspired me to start exploring forest scenes. Each individual tree and forest has its own unique characteristics, complexities, various colors, and textures. The majestic forms of trees and the diverse fauna that live within these forest have long been a source of inspiration for myself.I want to capture the vibrant colors and patterns within these environments. I find the forest peaceful...almost therapeutic, and most time devoid of people. This environment allows me to completely slow down when it comes to image making. In most cases, the images that I have captured while wandering the forests are spontaneous. More of innate reactions to what I am seeing with the camera at the time of capture. This is a process that I enjoy, as it feels organic and allows those feelings to show through my imagery.